As an intern, dont hold back this year on your internship, social activities and community engagements!


stae-sa Internship programs include Hospital, Construction, Human rights, Financial institution, Media, Teaching, Women/Youth Development  and Small business.  


Nigeria,South Africa,Kenya,

Tanzania, and Uganda 


Duration: 2 weeks to 12 weeks

Age: 17 years and above

Starting date: Anytime in the year.

Ideal date: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November.

Speak to us about the choice of your date. We will make it happen.


- Positive spirit

- Full of ideas

- Eager to help others

- A people person

- Self motivated

- A zest for life!

Join as individual or as a team or put a team together and leave the groundwork with us.

Healthcare Program

Medical And Dental Students 

At Stae-Sa! It is the patients, the community and the intern/interns like you that count. We put our lives out there for others. We are the change we always want people to see. People always come first! Together with you and your team, we reaching out to the communities, share in their plights and give our all.

We share in your dream and understand the importance of pursuing  health and medicine internship hence the development of this hands-on work and hands-on experience healthcare internship program.

You can join our health care program (hospital set up program, public health (Outreach program, community health education, counselling and psychology program, community clinic support program - We also offer a range of research based opportunities - We find a match for you based on your current skills and needs. 


This is a great way to develop your knowledge of the healthcare and learn more skills to what you already know to help you succeed in the field. We provides an opportunity to  intern or  interns to gain valuable intuition and experience into the unsurpassed healthcare program. Our healthcare internship program creates the best way for you to put those skills and knowledge to use.


As medical intern or medical interns, you work with local healthcare professionals who supervise and evaluate your work both in the hospital and in the fields. 


The interns work in poor hospitals and communities where health care is really needed.


Stae-Sa healthcare program is dedicated to providing exceptional medical service in poor hospitals/health centers in urban areas as well as in remote villages where health care services are scarce.


We know what you want and we have that for you. As soon as we receive your completed application form, we will email you detailed information of what you be doing in the hospital as an intern.


The intern or interns in a group,  will under the medical officer in charge have a great opportunity to get involved directly with the treatment of patients.


The Duration for the program is 2 weeks to 12 weeks.



  • valuable international work experience

  • working in a reputable hospitals

  • develop and refine your skills

  • local support and assistant

  • cultural immersion

  • Free language lessons

  • Certificate of participation

  • Medical outreach program

  • free weekend sight seeing


Get yourselves ready, get the bags packed, visas made ready, vaccinations taken and very detailed orientation completed. On the flight to Africa. 

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